Iron Condor Self-Managed

The IC1 Service is an options advisory & educational newsletter that focuses on non-directional, income generating, option selling, two week in duration, 85% to 90% probability index credit spreads and iron condors, using weekly options. This service avoids the monthly options (3rd Friday expiration) to minimize the risk associated with the options expiration and settlement process that is unique to the monthly options. The IC1 Service has a 12 year track record, is managed by Brad Reinard, and has been in the top 3 of all options trading newsletters for many years, based on number of subscribers and low attrition rate. Data is supplied by TD Ameritrade.

The IC1, DAC1 and Time Decay Services are designed to be complimentary, they can be traded in the same account, and the services allows one to diversify their investment exposure.

The IC1 Service returned 52% in 2017, which includes commissions and reserve cash. For more details on our returns please visit the ROI Track Record page. For more information on our methodologies of opening trades and managing risk please read Why Market Timing is Important. For more on why we think index iron condor & credit spreads are a good strategy to learn, please read Top Reasons. For those who are interested in autotrading where we do the trading for you please go here. To see an example advisory please go to Example Advisories. To see how we compare to our competitors please read How We're Different. Finally, to try the IC1 service please sign-up for a FREE 30 day trial where no credit card is required.

Summary of Credit Spreads and Iron Condors

Iron condors represent a strategy of selling options, not buying. When selling options we are getting on the "other side of the trade". One advantage of selling options is that 80% of all option contracts expire worthless - i.e. 80% of the option buyers lose the premium that they paid to open (buy) a directional trade. Thus, for the options sellers, there is an 80% probability that they'll keep the premium that they collected when they sold the options. Better yet, the probabilities are closer to 85% to 90% for the trades that we typically open.

Additional advantages of Iron Condors are the following: 1) They are relatively simple to learn and visualize; 2) They require only a few hours per week to manage; 3) They historically make monthly income during moderate upward trending, sideways or moderate downward trending markets; 4) They do NOT require you to sit in front of the computer watching your trades; 5) They do NOT require you to become an options expert on myriad options strategies;

We open our trades primarily on the S&P 500 index (SPX) and the Russell 2000 small-cap index (RUT) using weekly options.