Note for dec 2018 performance – small & Mid cap

All of our strategies follow strict exit rules that allow our winners to run, but are fast enough to exit us out of positions to lock in gains and to protect capital.  Our exit rules played out perfectly as our portfolios went from 70% allocated to 15% allocated in the 5 days prior to Oct 10, 2018 which was the start of the correction.  The small and mid-cap benchmark indexes got hit especially hard and gave back 95% of their gains that accumulated from Nov 2016, the Trump presidential win, through Oct 2018.  Our Small & Mid Cap Growth fund closed out the year with a +18.9% gain after commissions as compared to the benchmark, the Russell 2000 small-cap index, that ended the year with a loss of -12.2%.  We are pleased with how our strict exit rules protected our client’s capital and allowed the strategy to book a solid gain for 2018.