Company Overview

Monthly Cash Thru Options (MCTO) is an investment management & trading advisory services firm for the retail investor that offers 5 investment strategies and two newsletters. All of our strategies can be either self-managed or autotraded. When a strategy is autotraded, we do the trading for you in your standard cash or IRA brokerage account. All of our strategies use a proprietary 4-level scanner comprising technical, fundamental and factor-based quantitative analysis. Most of the strategies also open short hedge trades, which reduces portfolio volatility. For the bearish hedge trades we buy slightly in-the-money put options on fundamentally weak companies that have moved into high probability bearish technical setups.  For an intro video click here.


Directional Alpha (DAC) identifies high probability, long and short directional trades on highly liquid stocks. The objective of this strategy is to extract maximum gain from a strong upward or downward directional move in a short period of time where most trades are open for 4 to 21 days. The DAC service finished 2017 UP +28% including commissions.

Trade of the Day Newsletter (TOTD) selects at least three trade recommendations weekly from the DAC Service, and is targeted to the self-managed subscriber.

Contrarian Fund identifies stocks that have been out of favor for 6 to 12 months and are starting to recover.  The bullish trades are on companies with improving fundamentals and that have moved into high probability bullish technical setups.

Small Cap Momentum focuses on stocks with a market cap between $250 million and $5 billion. For the bullish trades we buy the underlying stock and target fundamentally strong companies that have moved into high probability bullish technical setups.

Sector Rotation identifies high probability, bullish trades on stocks that reside in the strongest industry sectors. The strategy’s foundation is based on how institutional money continuously rotates  from sector to sector.  Our algorithm continuously monitors and ranks 60 industry sectors, and then “follows the money” by identifying the strongest stocks within the strongest sectors.

Iron Condor (IC) focuses on two week in duration index credit spreads and iron condors using weekly options. Credit spreads and iron condors represent an options selling strategy that are non-directional and income generating.

The MCTO Letter is our highly regarded stock market analysis newsletter that is delivered weekly via email each Sunday. The MCTO Letter has been in continuous publication since 2010. The robust, weekly analysis can help most investors and traders, regardless of their preferred strategies, to more accurately navigate the US equities market by better timing entries and exits, along with providing insight into the appropriate levels of exposure.

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